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Vol. 11 Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 001-010

Transitivity Process Analysis of Chomsky's Political Articles

Sinaa Sattar Jabbar, Asst. Prof. Wasan Noori Fadhil

This paper attempts to reveal how language is used by Chomsky in his political articles from the transitivity perspective, primarily, the process. Halliday and Matthiessen (2014) p...

Research Article

Vol. 11 Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 11-19

Status of Women in Medieval Time & its Evolution on Relevance in Contemporary Times

Dr Veena Kurre

Women’s empowerment is a global issue in determining the status of women. The discussion on women’s right is at the forefront of formal and informal campaigns worldwide. 2001 i...

Research Article

Vol. 11 Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 20-30

Resisting The Politics of Cultural Pluralism in Nadine Gordimer’s The Pickup and Narrudin Farah’s A Naked Needle

Raphael Saka

Most Postcolonial writers in their narratives present characters who are interested in seeing a racially unified society and not a fragmented one, thereby creating space for cultur...

Research Article

Vol. 11 Jan-Jun 2021  Page no: 31-44

Investigating Iraqi EFL Learners' Attitudes toward Using Digital Pinterest Programme and its Impact on the Grammar

Fatima Rahim Abdulhussein, Nadia Majeed Hussein, Majid Bani Mahdi

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that grants learners to categorize and exchange images and videos from around the Web. The learners upload the images that are called...